Intervention regions of Alarm Centers 112

An emergency call is a call with a three digit short number of the emergency service selected by the caller: European emergency service 112; police, emergency call 117; fire, alarm center 118; Friendly Hand 143; ambulance, emergency call 144; telephone help for children and young 147. An emergency call can be done from a fixed, mobile or satellite network. The emergency call must be routed to the alarm center of the competent service according to the location and nature of the case. A region from which the emergency calls are routed to a precise alarm center is an intervention region. The map shows the intervention regions of 112 alarm centers in Switzerland for emergency calls 112 originated from a fixed, mobile and satellite network. The 112 alarm centers and corresponding routing numbers of any intervention region are identified when selecting the targeted intervention region. The 112 fixed, mobile and satellite alarm centers of the intervention region can be the same alarm center or different alarm centers.

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