Federal Office of Communications OFCOM

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Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Every day we read the paper, pick up the phone, write and send emails and text messages, surf online, listen to the radio and watch TV. In order to be able to use all these services, there has to be a stable and powerful communications infrastructure in place. OFCOM helps to ensure that the population and businesses in all parts of the country have access to adequate and competitive tele-communications services. OFCOM makes it possible for radio and television users at local level to access regional stations and the SRG’s programmes at national level. It also distributes the revenues from television and radio licence fees fairly among all regions in Switzerland. In the postal sector, OFCOM makes sure that newspapers and magazines benefit from reduced postage rates. It also manages and allocates frequencies for radio stations, mobile and wireless devices to ensure interference-free communication. OFCOM’s oversight responsibilities include consumer protection. It monitors compliance with statutory provisions for radio and television advertising, value-added services which are offered with 090x numbers and for use of frequencies.
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