Cities and conurbations which qualify for subsidies

The list of cities and conurbations which qualify for subsidies shows which municipalities are entitled to federal subsidies within the framework of the Urban Transport programme (in accordance with Annex 4 of the Ordinance on the Application of the Earmarked Mineral Oil Tax and other earmarked funds for traffic ([MinVV]). The basis for the list shows the definition of “Spaces with an urban character” from the Federal Statistical Office, FSO (2012). This includes the right to subsidies for all municipalities that are entitled to subsidies based on the definition of a conurbation from 2000. The number of adjoining communities are reduced in accordance with the definition by the Federal Statistical Office, FSO in 2012, through the use of statistical criteria. The municipalities of Sarnen and Appenzell as canton capitals are also included in the list of cities and conurbations which qualify for subsidies. Small adjustments were made with realignments and fillings in the gaps.

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