Soil net nitrogen mineralisation across global grasslands

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Risch, A. C.; Zimmermann, S.; Ochoa-Hueso, R.; Schütz, M.; Frey, B.; Firn, J. L.; Fay, P. A.; Hagedorn, F.; Borer, E. T.; Seabloom, E. W.; et al. Soil net nitrogen mineralisation across global grasslands. Nat. Commun. 2019, 10 (1), 4981 (10 pp.).

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We conducted coordinated measurements of realised and potential soil net Nmin, and assessed water holding capacity, bulk density, C and N content, texture, pH, pore space, microbial biomass, and archaeal (AOA) and bacterial (AOB) ammonia oxidiser abundance using identical materials and methods across 30 grasslands on six continents. The sites covered a globally relevant range of climatic and edaphic conditions. Climate data was obtained from worldclim - Global climate data

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