Field observations of snow instabilities

This data set includes 589 snow profile observations including a rutschblock test, observations of signs of instability and an assessment of the local avalanche danger level, mainly recorded in the region of Davos (eastern Swiss Alps) during the winter seasons 2001-2002 to 2018-2019.

These data were analyzed and results published by Schweizer et al. (2021). They characterized the avalanche danger levels based on signs of instability (whumpfs, shooting cracks, recent avalanches), snow stability class and new snow height.

The data are provided in a csv file (589 records); the variables are described in the corresponding read-me file.

These data are the basis of the following publication: Schweizer, J., Mitterer, C., Reuter, B., and Techel, F.: Avalanche danger level characteristics from field observations of snow instability, Cryosphere, 15, in review, 2021.

Acknowlegements Many of the data were recorded by SLF observers and staff members, among those Roland Meister, Stephan Harvey, Lukas Dürr, Marcia Phillips, Christine Pielmeier and Thomas Stucki. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

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