Wind tunnel measurement data of drifting snow and turbulent wind fluctuations

The data correspond to the experiments presented and discussed in a paper regarding the interaction between turbulent wind fluctuations and snow saltation mass-fluxes (Paterna, 2016). Each of the nine data files corresponds to a different experiment presented in the paper and conducted in the winter 2014/2015 in the WSL/SLF cold wind tunnel in Davos. For each file the five columns indicate the time from the beginning of the experiment, the streamwise (u’) and the vertical (w’) wind velocity fluctuations, the streamwise (qx) and the vertical (qz) snow mass-flux components. From these time-series the scales of the snow saltation and of the turbulent flow are obtained with respect to the eddy-cycles and snow saltation cycles. From spectral analysis of the time-series a decoupling of the snow saltation from the turbulence forcing reveals two regimes of interaction: a turbulence-dependent regime occurring with weak saltation, and a turbulence-independent regime with strong saltation. Further details can be found at the link below.


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17 Octobre 2016
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