Predicted cloud droplet numbers Davos Wolfgang

Cloud droplet properties were predicted between February 24 and March 8 2019 for the measurement site Davos Wolfgang (1630 m a.s.l., LON: 9.853594, LAT: 46.835577). Droplet calculations are carried out with the physically based aerosol activation parameterization of Morales and Nenes (2014), employing the “characteristic velocity” approach of Morales and Nenes (2010). Aerosol size distribution observations required to predict the cloud droplet numbers and maximum in-cloud supersaturation are obtained from a Scanning Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer (SMPS) instrument deployed at Davos Wolfgang ( The required vertical velocity measurements are derived from the wind Doppler Lidar ( deployed at the same station and are extracted from the first bin of the instrument, being 200 m above ground level. The hygroscopic properties of the particles measured at Davos Wolfgang could not be estimated, owing to a lack of concurrent CCN measurements. As a sensitivity test, droplet calculations are performed assuming two different values of the aerosol hygroscopicity parameter, 0.1 and 0.25, based on the analysis carried out for Weissfluhjoch. Additional information can be found in Section 2.3 here.

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