G-TREE: Global Treeline Range Expansion Experiment Davos, Switzerland

G-TREE is a global research network composed of 40 arctic and alpine researchers from around the world. This summer, our field experiment will be established at numerous sites across Canada, France, Norway, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela. Other sites are being developed in Russia, Scotland, and Sweden.

The Stillberg research area is located in the Eastern Swiss Alps near Davos, Switzerland. The site has been used for several long-term monitoring as well as experimental studies for the last four decades. Our G-TREE experiment consists of a lowest site located in a subalpine Larch-Spruce forest (Larici-Picetum) dominated by Larix decidua and Picea abies (1930 m a.s.l.), a transition zone site dominated by alpine shrubs (2100 m a.s.l.), and an uppermost site in an alpine meadow with some dwarf shrubs (2390 m a.s.l.).

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15 Novembre 2016
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