Text of the Book «Rolle and its former district»

The Society for Art History in Switzerland (German: Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte GSK, French: Société d'histoire de l'art en Suisse SHAS, Italian: Società di storia dell' arte in Svizzera SSAS) is a Swiss society dedicated to promoting the understanding of Swiss art history and particularly of Swiss topography of art, including the study and maintenance of Swiss cultural heritage sites.

The society publishes a wide range of monographs, guides and inventories. Best known among them are the series Art monuments of Switzerland (German: Kunstdenkmäler der Schweiz, French: Monuments d'art et d'histoire de la Suisse), which includes more than hundred volumes, the quarterly journal Kunst und Architektur in der Schweiz (French: Art + Architecture en Suisse) and a broad series of art guidebooks, the Swiss Heritage Guides.

Offered is volume VII by Paul Bissegger of the series Les monuments d’art et d’histoire du canton de Vaud. It covers Rolle and its former district (now part of the district of Nyon). The file is in the EPUB format, which means it's basically a ZIP archive that contains xHTML files, images and a CSS style sheet.

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