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In Switzerland, there are a large number of power plants that produce electrical energy (electricity). In terms of production, a distinction is made between the categories of nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, river hydropower, storage hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics. The production of these power plants is driven by different factors. For example, while storage and pumped storage power plants are strongly market-driven (based on price signals), nuclear power plants produce band energy. Photovoltaics and wind, on the other hand, are dependent on the sun and wind. The production in Switzerland together with import and export results in the country's consumption including the consumption of pumped storage. The trend indicates the development of the total Swiss production compared to the average of the last 10 days. Disclaimer Data The data situation regarding measurements of Swiss production is not satisfactory. While measurement data in hourly resolution are available for medium and large power plants, such data are not available for the smaller plants or only feed-in to the grid instead of production. In addition, all the measurement data from the decentralised plants are only made available by the grid operators for central recording in different resolutions with a delay of several weeks, in accordance with the legal requirements for subsidies or the guarantee of origin obligation. Thus, models have to be used which take into account meteorological data such as temperature, solar radiation and precipitation. In addition, the historical behaviour of the electricity generation categories is used. The production shown in the daily resolution includes both measured and modelled data. Due to the data situation and the modelling, there may be deviations from the electricity statistics of the federal government.

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