energiedashboard.ch: Daily import and export flows (Electricity)

Electricity grids are of central importance as a link between production and consumption to ensure the security of electricity supply. Switzerland's electricity grid does not simply stop at the border with the rest of Europe, but is closely connected to neighbouring electricity grids. This is central to security of supply: If Switzerland needs additional electricity, it can be imported. The physical flow of electricity or interconnection exchange is the amount of energy in gigawatt hours per hour (GWh/h) that flows between foreign countries and Switzerland via the cross-border power lines. The import/export figure is the sum of the imported and exported electricity quantities during one day. A negative value means that Switzerland is exporting electricity in total. The trend arrow indicates the trend of Switzerland's import & export. A distinction is made between 4 cases: 1. if Switzerland imports more electricity overall than on average over the last 10 days, the arrow points upwards. 2. if Switzerland imports less electricity than on average over the last 10 days, the arrow points downwards. 2. if Switzerland imports less than the average over the last 10 days, the arrow points downwards. 3. in the case of exports, the arrow points downwards if Switzerland exports more than the average over the last 10 days. 4. if Switzerland exports less than average in the last 10 days, the arrow points upwards. Disclaimer data The data come from ENTSO-E. They are available per hour, but for simplicity they are summed up over the day for the BFE Dashboard and updated daily.

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energiedashboard.ch: Tägliche Flüsse in die und aus der Schweiz (Strom)
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December 14, 2022
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December 14, 2022
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