Basic descriptive bibliographic and usage data of Lucernense collections 17.-21. century

The Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern is the cantonal and academic library of the canton of Lucerne and holds in its collections, among others, publications from and about the canton and central Switzerland. The publications (books, journals, music, electronic publications, and others) are catalogued and managed in a bibliographic database and made searchable and accessible through various search portals.

The Lucernence list is an abbreviated extract of 51'846 items' titles, enriched with basic usage information. It has been produced for planning purposes in connection with the restoration and restructuring of the main library building in Lucernce (planned 2017-2019). The list only contains physical media (mainly books, but also CD, DVD, journals). It is made accessible as a dedicated set to hackers on the occasion of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon. Together with other bibliographic data, the licence is open.

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