GPS-derived data of SWE, HS and LWC and corresponding validation data

This data set includes GPS-derived snow water equivalent (SWE), snow depth (HS) and liquid water content (LWC) data for three entire snow-covered seasons (2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018) at the study plot Weissfluhjoch 2540 m a.s.l. (Davos, Switzerland). The procedure to derive these snow properties is described in Koch et al. (2019). The novel approach is based on a combination of GPS signal attenuation and time delay.

The dataset also includes corresponding validation data for SWE and HS measured at Weissfluhjoch, and some additional meteorological data used for interpretation of the snow cover evolution.

Please refer to the Read-me file for further details on the data.

These data are the basis of the following publication:

Koch, F., Henkel, P., Appel, F., Schmid, L., Bach, H., Lamm, M., Prasch, M., Schweizer, J., and Mauser, W., 2019. Retrieval of snow water equivalent, liquid water content and snow height of dry and wet snow by combining GPS signal attenuation and time delay. Water Resources Research, 55(5), 4465-4487.

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