• VSJF-Refugees Migration

    Criminalità, diritto penale, Formazione e scienza, Geografia, Mobilità e trasporti, Ordine pubblico e sicurezza pubblica, Popolazione, Sicurezza sociale, Territorio e ambiente

    The VSJF-Refugees Migration data are an excerpt of the VSJF-database hosted at the Archives of Contemporary History, ETH Zurich. The database contains data sets of refugees whic...

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  • Bibliographic data of IUCN's publications and grey literature

    Agricoltura, selvicoltura, Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport, Formazione e scienza, Geografia, Territorio e ambiente

    IUCN is the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. The dataset contains bibliographic data of IUCN's publications and grey ...

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  • Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland

    Commercio, Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport, Economia, Geografia, Politica, Territorio e ambiente

    The DDS are a research project aiming to edit key documents on Swiss foreign relations. The editors provide researchers and practitioners with official sources in printed and di...

  • Historische Fotografien aus dem Album „A tire d’aile par le saint Gothard“ (c...

    Costruzione e abitazione, Cultura, media, società dell'informazione, sport, Geografia, Mobilità e trasporti, Territorio e ambiente

    Die 60 Fotografien dieses prunkvoll gestalteten Albums ermöglichen dem Betrachter beim Durchblättern eine attraktive Reise vom Herzen der Schweiz in den Süden. Es kombiniert Auf...

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  • Plazi TreatmentBank

    Formazione e scienza, Territorio e ambiente

    The Plazi TreatmentBank deals with scientific, published, biosystematic literature. It is the literature documenting and describing all the world’s ca 1.9 Million known species ...

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