Discharge, rainfall, and deuterium compositions of streamwater, rainwater and groundwater, for four rainfall events in the Studibach, Alptal, Switzerland

This dataset includes discharge and rainfall measurements and deuterium compositions of streamflow, rainfall and groundwater, for four rainfall events and three baseflow snapshot campaigns in the Studibach (Alptal, Switzerland). More specifically, we present the following data:

  • Specific discharge at the catchment outlet at 5-minute resolution (mm per hour);
  • Rainfall at 5-minute resolution (mm per hour);
  • Rainfall deuterium composition (‰);
  • Stormflow deuterium composition (‰);
  • Groundwater and baseflow deuterium compositions (‰).

For the files containing rainfall and discharge timeseries (QP), and rainfall and streamwater deuterium compositions ("Deuterium_Rainfall" and "Deuterium_Streamwater"), we added the corresponding event identifier (A, B, C or extra) to the file names. For the files containing the groundwater and baseflow deuterium values ("Deuterium_Snapshot") we added the sample collection date to the file name. We included the X and Y coordinates for each data point (coordinate system: CH1903 LV3) as well as the date and time (UTC).

More information on the data collection and preparation can be found in Kiewiet et al. (in review). A detailed description of the baseflow snapshot campaigns can also be found in Kiewiet et al., 2019.

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27 Septembre 2019
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12 Avril 2022
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