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  • Key figures about the charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles

    Energy, Industry and services, Mobility and Transport, Territory and environment

    Electric mobility is a key technology for more sustainable mobility and is one way of achieving ambitious energy and climate policy goals. Electric engines are efficient, and us...

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  • energiedashboard.ch: Energy supply: Current situation (traffic light system)

    National economy, Energy

    The definition of the situation according to the lamp system is based on an overall assessment of the situation. This is based on statistical information and estimates of the co...

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  • Suitability of roofs for the use of solar energy

    Administration, Statistical basis, Construction and housing, National economy, Education and science, Energy, Geography, Politics, Population, Territory and environment

    Solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface can be utilised with the aid of the two established solar technologies, photovoltaics (electricity) and solar thermal energy, for t...

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