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Draft: False Keywords: eidgenossische nationale abstimmungen kantonale Formats: CSV Organizations: Canton of Basel-City and City of Basel Political levels: canton Terms of use: NonCommercialAllowed-CommercialAllowed-ReferenceNotRequired

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  • Eidgenössische und kantonale Abstimmungen Kanton Basel-Stadt ab 2015

    Administration, Agriculture, forestry, Trade, Construction and housing, Crime, criminal justice, Culture, media, information society, sport, National economy, Education and science, Energy, Finances, Industry and services, Legislation, Mobility and Transport, Public order and security, Politics, Population, Prices, Social security, Health, Territory and environment, Tourism, Work and income

    Schlussresultat aller kantonalen und eidgenössischen Abstimmungen ab 2015 als CSV-Files

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