ISOS - Federal Inventory of Swiss heritage sites of national importance up to 2020

The Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites (ISOS) designates and documents the most valuable sites of national importance. It makes it possible to understand the history and identity of sites and is thus an important basis for quality settlement development. The ISOS provides experts in the fields of monument preservation and planning with a basis for decision-making. The Confederation makes systematic use of it in the fulfilment of its duties. Cantons and communes take account of the inventory when drawing up their plans accordingly. Work on the ISOS began in 1973 with the development of a suitable method for cataloguing sites – the ISOS method. In 2016, the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) updated this method and adapted the presentation of the inventory in line with GIS technology. The original method (ISOS I) and the adapted method (ISOS II) are based on the same basic principles and rules. The available data allow for the georeferencing of the site records made in line with the original method (ISOS I).

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