Geothermal Map of Switzerland 1:500000

The geothermal map shows the thermal energy that is produced in the subsurface and traverses the Earth's surface within an area of 1 m2. The heat itself is released in the Earth's crust (around 30 km thick) generally by radioactive decay processes. On average, the heat flow in Switzerland is around 90 mW/m2. The highest figures are found in northern Switzerland and the lowest in the Alps/Jura. Differences are caused by deep groundwater circulating in permeable rock strata. The heat flow data is calculated from the temperature gradient (average value approx. 30 K/km) and heat conductivity of the rock (average value approx. 3 W/m/K). Paper map: Ph. Bodmer, 1982. Vector map: 2001.

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December 31, 1982
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Bundesamt für Landestopografie
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