Energy Cities on the Path Towards a 2000-Watt Society

The idea of a 2000-Watt Society encompasses a vision for a shared, just and attractive future. The concept focuses on two central indicators: “energy demand” and “greenhouse gas emissions”. According to the defined vision, in the medium term each resident is entitled to a permanent energy consumption of 2000 watts and a maximum annual level of CO2 emissions of one tonne. In the past few years, a large number of municipalities and cities have undertaken a commitment to these 2000-watt goals and incorporated them into their energy policy guidelines. The Energy City on the Path Towards a 2000-Watt Society label is awarded to municipalities that pursue visionary overlying objectives in line with the 2000-watt philosophy. The certificate is issued jointly by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the Energy City Association. The applicable criteria are defined by the 2000-Watt Society section in the corresponding catalogue of requirements, and are undergoing constant development.

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