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Formats: HTML Political levels: other Categories: {"fr": "Culture, m\u00e9dias, soci\u00e9t\u00e9 de l'information, sport", "de": "Kultur, Medien, Informationsgesellschaft, Sport", "en": "Culture, media, information society, sport", "it": "Cultura, media, societ\u00e0 dell'informazione, sport"} {"fr": "Education, science", "de": "Bildung, Wissenschaft", "en": "Education and science", "it": "Formazione e scienza"} Organizations: {"de": "OpenGLAM CH Working Group", "en": "OpenGLAM CH Working Group", "fr": "", "it": ""} Keywords: books openglam Terms of use: NonCommercialAllowed-CommercialAllowed-ReferenceRequired

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