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Categories: {"fr": "Territoire et environnement", "de": "Raum und Umwelt", "en": "Territory and environment", "it": "Territorio e ambiente"} {"fr": "G\u00e9ographie", "de": "Geographie", "en": "Geography", "it": "Geografia"} Organizations: {"de": "SITG - Genfer Geoinformationssystem", "en": "SITG - The territorial information system of Geneva", "fr": "SITG - Syst\u00e8me d'information du territoire \u00e0 Gen\u00e8ve", "it": "SITG - Sistema informativo territoriale di Ginevra"} Keywords: transports circulation-routiere Terms of use: NonCommercialAllowed-CommercialAllowed-ReferenceRequired

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    Construction and housing, Geography, Territory and environment

    Le groupe de couches 'marquages routiers' contient toutes les couches constitutives du cadastre des marquages routiers. Il représente tous les éléments permettant d’élaborer et ...

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