SNSF P3 grant database exports

In the P3 database ( the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) makes available data on the projects, people and publications that it has supported, as part of its mandate to inform the public about its research funding activities. Grant holders are responsible for the data content that they supply to the SNSF.

P3 and the accompanying CSV files are updated daily. As soon as a grant is released, the relevant data is published to P3. Grants are not necessarily released when they are awarded, but sometimes only much later (for example if authorisations are required before research can commence).

The data is presented in the form of four separate files, one each for Projects, People, Publications and a larger version of the Projects file that also contains the text of the project abstracts. These four files can be linked via the project number (Project Number) field, in order to create a relationship between people and projects or publications and projects. Descriptions of the various fields along with comments on data quality are given here:

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