Swiss air navigation obstacle data

Air navigation obstacle data are data on the obstacles defined in Article 2 letter k of the Ordinance of 23 November 1994 on Aviation Infrastructure (VIL, SR 748.131.1). Air navigation obstacles are structures and installations (such as antennas, buildings, cables, cranes, cableways, power lines, wind turbines) and vegetation that can hamper, endanger or prevent the operation of aircraft or of air navigation systems. The data are gathered as part of the authorisation requirement under Article 63 VIL, and the registration requirement under Art. 65a VIL. With the exception of vegetation, the present data set includes all permanent and temporary air navigation obstacles with a height of 25m or more outside built-up areas (or 40m or more in the case of mobile cranes), and in built-up areas, obstacles with a height of 60m or more. Furthermore, safety relevant obstacles near aerodromes are displayed. These can also be below 25 / 60m.

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September 26, 2011
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Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt
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